The gate opens for your game drive and safari at the lake Nakuru national park

Gateway to 'The bird watchers paradise'

Yellow billed stock and flamingoes in the far at the Lake Nakuru national park

Lake Nakuru national park boasts of huge herds of buffaloes as seen in this picture

Yellow billed stocks; up-close

A formidable alliance! 2 of the 'Big Five'  

White Rhino

The same guy! photo taken in quick succession.

Any resemblance to dinosaurs or other medieval times creatures?

There was a herd of them, the grazers

Look at that horn! Ain't the small guy in front there scared of it?

An encounter with a black rhino

Black rhino and calf, yellow backed acacia tree (Yellow fever tree) and lake Nakuru in the background

After a wallow in the water it's time to eat, again!

Full grown male baboon. Fact: 4 of this kind can fight a lion, him and leopards are eternal enemies!

The birds that make Lake Nakuru such a spectacle - falmingoes

taking a picture for a memory of the safari

In the background is flamingoes, in the foreground is the marabou stock with a  dagger sharp bill it demands respect from all other birds of prey 

Beauty in it's true meaning, who disagrees?

Lake Nakuru is a must visit, not so