The bloody marks on the face tells us - this is a battle weary old male, 'on pride duty'

The site of the magnificent black manned male kept us here for a while

Yes, we did take our time here!

Our experienced driver guide - Khamis, 'Mzee Mzima'

Keekorok Lodge in Masai Mara

Keekorok Lodge

Oh. look at the beauties

You can clearly tell who is the leader of the herd here

Either the big guy has no interest in us, or he doesn't like our presence!

Elephant in Masai Mara, slightly smaller than those in Tsavo, and the color is usually grey towards black

Lion in Masai mara: 'Hey who's there?!'

Breathtaking, the least we can say about this encounter with the king of the beasts

Our German speaking driver guide Henry Be-NgalaKeziah was the man  of the moment

Endless plains