Welcome to Amboseli and let's start our safari from the Iremito gate!

or we may use the Kimana gate
Wild Game spread all over  - that is Amboseli to us, pure amazement! The Matriach decides we are not such a serious threat and walks away, with the calves on the 'leeward' side of us. Lioness scanning the plains of Amboseli

The mum of the chicks, (the dull colored one), actually blocked our way, thinking we were a threat to the chicks

We met these fowl as we were heading to


Wallowing in the swamps of Amboseli are these Giants

the glorious Kilimanjaro, seen from Amboseli plains

crossing the road and kicking up dust is this large elephant

Congregation of all sorts of animals, characteristically Amboseli! Notice the lake in the background, also that the matriarch is not comfortable with our presence!

To us this looked like morning greeting, mama hyena and pup around the 'Mashimo ya Fisi' (Swahili for Hyena's Dens) - Amboseli

Lionesses at play, despite their violent nature, lions are amazingly very social cats

The baboon kid was so young, must have been delivered a day or two before we met them, under the care of papa and mama

Apart from elephants and hyenas, there are zebras in Amboseli

Sentrim Amboseli, A lodge we regularly use for our Amboseli safaris

Ostriches: you'll see plenty of these in Amboseli

..and lions, too!!

The Mighty Kilimanjaro, a breathtaking view from Amboseli

Zebra and wildebeest in front of the Mighty Kilimanjaro

This a retired old bull, spends his time by the water side