The entrance to Tsavo East National Park - Bachuma gate

Not only do these two welcome you to Tsavo East, we do too!

Aruba Dam - one of the major attractions  in Tsavo East

Tsavo river

Thompson's Gazelles can be seen around the Aruba dam and the Voi river

Beautiful I am, no matter which way you look at me!!

Impala rams in the bushes along the Tsavo river in Tsavo East

The gentle men strutting their stuff, some beautiful spiral horns you must admit

The smallest antelope on earth, the Kirk's Dik Dik. Males have horns while females dont

strike a pose for the shot!

This was certainly our day to see the beauties!

the Scenery ahead of us, like a portrait!

We couldn't have enough of the views, marvel at the flat-topped acacia

The flat-topped acacia again

the world's largest land mammal, striding the Tsavo East plains

Red earth, savannah grassland, hills and 'large open skies' - Tsavo East is a must-visit safari destination

Nature at it's best, a true picture of Africa, Tsavo is a place to re-discover, to re-connect, your self and nature with God

Superb creation! We are true naturalist, all our safaris are inspired by nature

The land that is Tsavo East - red soil, hills, acacia thorny bush and savannah grassland

Beautiful scenery in Tsavo East

Voi town (the white/silver spots in the distance) as seen from inside Tsavo East national park

The water holes at the Voi Safari Lodge, one of the most reputable lodges for a Tsavo east safari

View of the plains and the waterholes from the dinning hall of Voi Safari Lodge

Some of our clients relaxing by the pool at the Voi safari lodge after the morning game drive

The lush surroundings of Voi Safari Lodge

Female Impala herd

... ears, eyes and nose seem to be tuned for any signal of danger....

Birding is excellent in Tsavo East, this is a yellow-necked spurfowl

This was too close for our comfort ... !

... for a whole good 15 minutes the big guy simply pick dust and sprayed himself with it ...

.. we witnessed the whole drama! You'll be excused if you think that flapping the ears was a sign of aggression, it wasn't!

..but when the big guy came this close to our safari van, we lost our cool !

... but the loner only crossed the road

... why did the elephant cross the road? ... to relieve himself!!!

On to Tsavo West's Tsavo River Gate ...

Welcome to Tsavo west national park

F. Kings Tours and Safaris Tour guide - Nelson Mandela and Mr. and Mrs. Fabrice from France

Flooded and roaring - the Tsavo river as seen in Tsavo West

Game drive in Tsavo West - on the left is the rhino sanctuary

Tsavo West is hilly and with deep forest cover, the soil, just like in Tsavo east is red in color

One tusked elephant in the Rhino Sanctuary

One of the biggest elephant cows we've seen

She had a calf and when she began getting furious at our prolong stay, we had to beat it, literally

the rugged volcaninc hills and mountains of Tsavo West

Mr. tall guy, inspecting his domain ...

Giraffe with Tsavo West rocky outcrops in the background

Beauty unmatched, from whatever angle you look at us!

Heavy with birds nests!

Entrance to the Rhino Sanctuary in Tsavo West national park

the Rhino Sanctuary is open daily from 4pm to 6 pm ....

... but the 'black rhinos, like heads of state, are guarded round the clock' so reads the board at the Rhino Sanctuary gate ...

wet Tsavo west, a true safari experience

..and then right in front of us came this 'relative' of the 'man-eaters of Tsavo'.. unfortunately she was gone before good shots were taken

Beauty, staring at us!

Mzima Springs in Tsavo West National Park

Part of the Mzima Springs

Tourist watching hippos and crocodiles at the Mzima Springs in Tsavo West

What a pose by this Sykes monkey! Monkeys are common around the Mzima springs

Mr. Pose!

A congreagation of hervbivores in Tsavo West

Beauty got herself all muddy and red!

Tsavo east's national park Voi Gate

The Taita Saltlick Lodge

The Buffalo spends almost 60% of it's time scanning it's surrounding for any possible danger

Perched dry land, Tsavo east can be hard climatically - when it is hot, it is really dry, when it is wet (rainy), it gets green and bushy, an interesting country

We have no reason why we shouldn't  recommend Tsavo East for anyone wishing to experience Real Africa 

when it is very hot all animal seek shelter under the acacia trees

A congregation of beauties you can stare at forever!!


hot Tsavo, any puddle of water would do to cool this 'Red' fellow!

The crystal clear waters of Mzima springs

Fish at Mzima springs seen from an underwater observatory tank

Baboon troop -  notorious for directing their posteriors at people!

For securities purpose like defense from predators, the calves are always let to run in front

did you know that the ostrich is the largest flightless bird in the world?

Even the treetops seem dry to this tall guy!

Game drive at Taita Saltlick, Notice the wild animals underneath the charlets

You have to marvel at the beauty bestowed on the Zebra

Hey, who's there? these two seemed to ask!

A lone buffalo bull: detached from the herd like this, the bull's temper can melt steal! It would charge at anything that is mobile!!

The King of the beasts surveying his domain

A red Elephant family crossing a dust road in the east of Tsavo

True meaning of 'give way to the animals'

Slick and slim, Tsavo boasts of the highest number of cheetahs after Masai Mara

Looks like 'tall guy' is whistling

Burchell's or common zebra

Wallowing in the mud helps cool the body as well as creat a coat against biting insects

Ever heard of anything about 'The Infamous Mane less man-eaters of Tsavo?'. This must be a relative

Still counting, another of the big 5

Here is an elusive member of the 'Big Five', Shitting!

Have we not seen all the big Five in Tsavo? That's a rhino over there

Sunset over Tsavo west

Mr. Slick


Buffalo herd and the Mwakingali hills

The herd is primed and ready for any eventuality!