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Masai Mara Safaris  from Nairobi and Mombasa

8 Days Best of Kenya Safari


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2 Days Masai Mara Safari - Air Safari Masai Mara Safari - take this safari to visit this park famous for the migration of wildebeest

Encounter abundant Plains Game, endless golden savannah & more. Game Drive on 4x4 Jeep
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4 Days Masai Mara Air Safari

water ski, jet ski, canoe rides, kite surfing, banan boat rides in Mombasa
Dhow trips, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Kite Surfing, Deep Sea Fishing, Sailing and Snorkeling .. Read More

14 days Kenya Holiday Safari from Mombasa

14 days Kenya Holiday safari from Nairobi
'Likizo Poa' is Swahili for 'a great holiday' - true to the words - this is a great holiday making you enjoy the best of Kenya - a taste of everything that Kenya offers it's visitors, a Kenya holiday with a safari and a beach more

7 Days Kenya holiday combining beach and safari to Tsavo east/west and Amboseli
7 days Kenya Holiday Safari
Kenya Beach Holiday  with Coastal City Tour, Amboseli and Tsavo Safari

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Kenya National Parks and Game Reserves

The Amboseli ecosystem is typical of the open savannah grassland habitats of Eastern Africa, featuring open wooded grasslands, rolling hills and swamplands whilst the presence of Mount Kilimanjaro creates a unique selection of ecosystems found nowhere else on earth....Read More
Tsavo East
This is the largest national park in Kenya covering about 21,000 Km square, it is in fact one of the largest parks in the world.. it is divided into two by the Mombasa – Nairobi highway, to Tsavo East and Tsavo west National Parks....Read More
Tsavo West
Tsavo West covers an area of over 21,000 square kilometers. This park has some of the most dramatic scenery of all the Kenyan national parks, more so than Tsavo East which consists more of open savannahs. The landscape consists of volcanic hills, sweeping areas of about Tsavo west national park
Masai Mara
The Mara is one of the few places where you can actually encounter a haven for viewing a congregation of all sorts of animals in a five mile radius. A pride of lions can be spotted ready to make a run for a kill, a cheetah and its cub taking a nap on a rock, a pair of ostriches walking the open stretches of the savannah or a gazelle g....Read More
The Mara Triangle and the Mara Conservancy

The Mara Triangle is the North-Western part of the The Mara Triangle, Kenya, and is managed by the non-governmental organisation - The Mara Conservancy on behalf of Trans-Mara County Council (Trans Mara District). Divided from the rest of the Masai Mara game reserve by the Mara River, the Mara Triangle is less visited and less crowded, often with many more game animals grazing on the plains and between the volcanic hills that distinguish this corner of the Mara .. read more

Lake Nakuru National Park
Lake Nakuru, a strongly alkaline lake 62 km2 in extent is set in a picturesque landscape of surrounding areas of marsh and grasslands alternating with rocky cliffs and outcrops, stretches of acacia woodland and rocky hillsides covered with a Euphorbia forest, this park provides the visitor with images of tens of thousands of flamingo joined into a massive flock, forming a pulsing pink swathe of life that carpets the water....Read More
Nairobi National Park
Nairobi National Park is a unique ecosystem by being the only protected area in the world close to a capital city. The park is located only 7 km from Nairobi city centre. The savannah ecosystem comprise of different vegetation types. Open grass plains with scattered acacia bush are predominant. The western side has a highland dry forest and a permanent river with a riverine forest ... read more 
Samburu Game Reserve
This game reserve is situated in the Northern Province of Kenya. It is rugged and a semi-arid. The river Uaso Nyiro ('River of Brown Water' in Samburu) is the lifeline and the nerve center of this Reserve and is bustling with a huge population of crocodiles. This game reserve is renowned for its rare species of animals like – the long necked gerenuk, gravy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, and the Beisa onyx.....Read More
Lake Baringo  National Park
Lake Baringo is well known for two of its waters’ residents- Hippos and Crocodiles. Other residents of the Lake is fish and in abundance! as result, an equal abundance of Fish Eagles, cormorants and pelicans. The lake is a well known birding destination, with a local record set at 300 species recorded in a single hour at the Baringo Club. Boat trips are the best way of exploring this area.... Read More
Lake Bogoria  National Park
Lake Bogoria lies at the beginning of Kenya’s great Northern Wilderness and it is the heart of an arid landscape, in the shadow of the dramatic walls of the Siracho Range. The alkaline waters of the lake attract massive flocks of Flamingo, and the lake is often carpeted with pink. Hot Water Geyser spewing steam The 32 sq km lake is still volcanically active,.... Read More
Lake Naivasha  National Park
Lake Naivasha is freshwater lake, fringed by thick papyrus. The lake is almost 13kms across, with an average depth of five metres. Afternoon wind and storms can cause the Lake to become suddenly rough and produce high waves, the local Maasai christened the lake Nai’posha meaning ''rough water'', which was later mis-spelt by the British as Naivasha....Read More
Mount Kenya and the Aberdares National Parks
Mt. Kenya is an imposing extinct volcano dominating the landscape of the Kenyan Highlands, East of the Rift. Mt. Kenya lies about 140 km North, North-East of Nairobi with its Northern flanks across the Equator. The park includes a variety of habitats ranging from higher forest, bamboo, alpine moorlands, glaciers, tarns and glacial morains. The park was inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1997 and is also a Biosphere Reserve.....Read More
Meru National Park
Straddling the equator and bisected by 13 rivers and numerous mountain-fed streams, Meru National Park is wild and one of the most beautiful parks in Kenya. A green paradise compared to the dry savannah of Kenya's parks, this was the wilderness into which George & Joy Adamson released Elsa the lioness, creating the much-loved film 'Born Free'. It has diverse scenery from woodlands to wide-open plains, meandering riverbanks, hilly landscapes and rich grey aluvial volcanic soil deposits. Three large rivers border the reserve: the Tana to the south, the Ura to the south-west and the Rojeweru to the east ... read more
Marsabit National Reserve
Marsabit National Reserve, located in Northern Kenya, 560km north of Nairobi consists of a forested mountain that rises like an oasis in the middle of the desert wilderness and is the only source of permanent surface of water in the region. This reserve has three spectacular crater lakes that provide habitat for a variety of birdlife. Marsabit National Reserve is also known because of large elephants read more
Mount Longonot National Park
Mount Longonot National Park offers a wide range of attractions for visitors keen on activity holidays, including hiking, rock climbing, biking as well as bird and wildlife viewing. This park is located near Lake Naivasha and only 100kms from Nairobi city. The name Longonot is derived from the Masai word Oloonong'ot meaning mountains of many spurs or steep ridges... read more
Arabuko Sokoke National Park
Arabuko Sokoke National Park is a small 6 kilometer part of the Sokoke Arabuko forest which is a strip of indigenous coastal forest running parallel to the sea from  Kilifi to Gede.

Arabuko Sokoke National Park was gazzeted in 1991 to protect two rare species of mammals, Aders' duiker and the yellow rumped Elephant Shrew as well as a number of bird species both rare and local ... read more
Kenya Marine Parks: Malindi-Watamu Marine National Park, Mombasa Marine National Park, Kiunga Marine National Reserve, Kisite and Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve
The Kenya coastline has several Marine Parks, the southern most of which is Wasini Island and Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park. In all of these parks one can can swim, visit the colourful coral gardens, engage in big game sport fishing, glass bottomed boats rides to the reefs teeming with colorful marine life allowing non-swimmers the opportunity to take a look at the coral and colourful fish, who crowd around the boat expecting to be fed .. read more
Shimba Hills National Reserve
The Shimba Hills National Reserve is an area of coastal rainforest, woodland and grassland located less than 30 kilometers away from Kenya's Coastal city/town of Mombasa in the Kwale region of Coast Province. Shimba Hills National Reserve was established in 1968 and the park features coastal bush land, riverine forests and grasslands and its main attraction is the sable antelope, which can only be seen here in the whole of Kenya ... read more
Kakamega Forest National Reserve
 is the only tropical rainforest in Kenya, left over from past millennia when dense rain forest stretched from West Africa, across Central Africa and into the highland areas on the west and eastern walls of the Great Rift Valley. The sheer size and grandeur of these rainforest trees, some over a hundred years old, is impressive. The trees create a complete environment for the birds, insects, butterflies and wildlife, so plentiful in the area.

Kakamega Forest includes some of Africa's greatest hard and soft woods: Elgon teak, red and white stink woods ... read more
The Tana River Primate Reserve
The Tana River Primate Reserve was opened in 1976 to protect the Lower Tana river forest and two endangered species of monkey: the crested Mangbey and the Tana River Colobus. Access to the Tana River Primate Reserve is via the Malindi-Garissa road. As well as the lush river forest, there is dry woodland and open savannah bisected by the river ... read more
The Chyulu Hills National Park
The Chyulu Hills situated 190 km South-East of Nairobi, are of relatively recent volcanic origin and the range is composed of ash cones and craters. Major Attractions at the Chyulu Hills National Park include; Breathtaking views from the Chyulu hills,cave exploration, Wildlife including Reptiles like Black Mamba, Puff Adder, Rock Python, Geko, Tortoise, Lizard. Large Mammals including; Buffalo; Bushbuck; Eland; Elephant, African; Leopard; Pig, Forest Bush; reedbuck, mountain; Steinbok .. read more
Buffalo Springs National Reserve
Buffalo Springs National Reserve is located in the Eastern province 85 kilometres north of Mount Kenya. Buffalo Springs National Reserve is separated from the Samburu National Reserve by the Ewaso Nyiro river and it takes it's name from an oasis of crystal clear water at the western end of the reserve ... read more
Shaba National Reserve
Shaba National Reserve, established in 1968 and lying  314 Kms from Nairobi, consists of a low-lying, semi-arid plain on the southern bank of the Northern Ewaso Nyiro river. It lies 9 km east of Buffalo Springs National Reserve and neighbours Samburu National Reserve, Shaba is smaller with a greater occurrence of riverine forests with acacia trees, doum palms and a dramatic landscape ... read more
Laikipia National Reserve
Laikipia National Reserve is a remote and truly wild corner of Kenya, the Laikipia National Park boasts incredible game viewing in a spectacularly beautiful setting. Two rivers, the Ewaso Nyiro and Ewaso Narok run through the area, attracting a rich variety of wildlife, including the second largest population of elephant in Kenya ... read more
Saiwa Swamp National Park
Saiwa Swamp National Park is the smallest national park in Kenya. It was established in 1974 and is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service. The park covers just 2.9km² and was created specifically to protect the habitat and preservation of the rare sitatunga, an aquatic antelope ... read more
Other Smaller Kenya National Parks and Game Reserves

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